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IWI Tavor X95 5.56 NATO 18.6″ Black Non-Restricted ; Model Number: X95-223-b ; UPC: 859735005916 ; Make: IWI ; Model: Tavor X95 ; Caliber: 5.56NATO/.223REM


Tavor X95 Canada: Compact Versatility for Canadian Gun Enthusiasts

The Tavor X95 is a highly sought-after rifle known for its compact design and exceptional performance. In this article, we will explore the features, advantages, legal considerations, and ownership process of the Tavor X95 in Canada. Whether you’re a seasoned firearm enthusiast or a newcomer to the shooting sports, the Tavor X95 offers a unique blend of functionality, versatility, and reliability.

I. Introduction

Overview of the Tavor X95 Rifle

The Tavor X95, manufactured by Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), is a modern and innovative rifle that has gained popularity worldwide. It is known for its bullpup configuration, where the action and magazine are located behind the trigger, resulting in a more compact overall design.

tavor x95 canada


Legal Considerations for Owning a Tavor X95 in Canada

Before delving into the features and benefits of the Tavor X95, it is crucial to understand the legal requirements and restrictions surrounding firearm ownership in Canada. Canadian law categorizes firearms into different classes, each with specific regulations. Proper licensing, registration, and adherence to storage and transportation guidelines are essential for owning a Tavor X95.

II. Features and Specifications of the Tavor X95

Design and Ergonomics

The Tavor X95 boasts a sleek and ergonomic design, optimized for ease of handling and maneuverability. Its bullpup layout allows for a shorter overall length while maintaining a full-length barrel, offering improved balance and control.

Caliber Options

The Tavor X95 is chambered in various calibers, including 5.56x45mm NATO and 9mm Parabellum. The availability of different calibers caters to different shooting preferences and requirements.

Barrel Length and Overall Length

With a barrel length of 18.5 inches (47 cm) and an overall length of approximately 26.125 inches (66 cm), the Tavor-X95 strikes a balance between maneuverability and accuracy. Its shorter length makes it ideal for close-quarters engagements, such as home defense or tactical situations.


Weight and Balance

Weighing in at around 7.9 pounds (3.6 kg), the Tavor-X95 is lightweight compared to traditional rifles. Its bullpup design allows for better weight distribution, resulting in improved balance and reduced fatigue during extended shooting sessions.

Magazine Capacity

The Tavor-X95 typically comes with a standard magazine capacity of 30 rounds. However, it’s important to note that Canadian law imposes restrictions on magazine capacities for certain firearms, including rifles. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the specific regulations and limitations in your province or territory.

Fire Modes and Safety Features

The Tavor X95 offers semi-automatic fire mode, meaning a single round is fired with each pull of the trigger. It also includes various safety features, such as a manual safety lever and a firing pin block, ensuring safe and controlled operation.

III. Benefits and Advantages of the Tavor

Compact and Versatile Design

One of the standout features of the Tavor is its compact design. The bullpup configuration allows for a shorter overall length without compromising barrel length, making it easier to maneuver in tight spaces. Whether you’re navigating through dense vegetation or operating in confined areas, the Tavor offers enhanced mobility and versatility.

Enhanced Maneuverability

The shorter length and balanced weight distribution of the Tavor contribute to its exceptional maneuverability. It can be easily shouldered and operated with one hand, making it ideal for shooting on the move or transitioning between targets quickly. Additionally, the ambidextrous controls make it suitable for both left-handed and right-handed shooters.

Reliability and Durability

The Tavor is renowned for its reliability and durability. It is built to withstand harsh conditions and rigorous use, making it a dependable choice for both recreational shooting and professional applications. Its robust construction ensures consistent performance even in challenging environments.

Ambidextrous Controls

The Tavor X95 features ambidextrous controls, including the charging handle, magazine release, and selector switch. This ambidextrous design accommodates shooters of all preferences and allows for seamless operation regardless of dominant hand or shooting stance.

Optics and Accessory Compatibility

The Tavor X95 offers a variety of options for optics and accessories. It comes equipped with a built-in Picatinny rail, allowing for easy attachment of scopes, red dot sights, and other accessories. This flexibility enables shooters to customize their Tavor X95 according to their specific needs and shooting style.

Performance and Accuracy

The Tavor is known for its exceptional performance and accuracy. The bullpup design contributes to a longer sight radius, enhancing accuracy and target acquisition. Combined with its reliable gas piston operating system, the Tavor X95 delivers consistent shot-to-shot performance, making it a favorite among shooting enthusiasts and professionals alike.

IV. Legal Restrictions and Requirements for Owning a Tavor X95 in Canada

Classification of the Tavor Under Canadian Firearms Regulations

The Tavor is classified as a restricted firearm in Canada. This means that additional requirements and restrictions apply to its ownership and use compared to non-restricted firearms. As a restricted firearm, the Tavor  can only be legally possessed and used for specific purposes, such as target shooting at approved ranges or as part of a collection.

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